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Not too long ago I posted about bringing two of my characters together.  I’m now in the interesting part of SEVEN STARS where I have to pull those two characters apart–temporarily.

They’ve spent some time alone to learn to respect and trust each other. They’ve worked together for a common goal. Learned things from each other. Had their first kiss–okay a couple of kisses. And I’ve given them some obstacles, some arguably good reasons why they really shouldn’t choose each other.

Now, it’s time for me to separate them for a little while so they can realize just how much they really want to be together and build up enough motivation to take on those obstacles.

Well, one of them already has the motivation. He’s been a bit ahead of her at every step down this journey.

The separation won’t last too long. In fact, I’m about to put them back in the same place (physically at least) in this next chapter. Might take another couple of chapters to complete the process. She can be a little stubborn and he’s going to have to change her mind. Not that she’s happy about her decision, but she does think she’s made a decision. 

Poor Ti. It’s going to get a little rocky for him for a little while, but he’s up to the challenge, now.

You have to torture you’re characters.

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I recently had a comment about my blog that got me thinking. You won’t find the comment here, it was someone on another forum where I’m active and the comment was made there.

Basically the comment was that there seemed to be a disconnect between the person from my About Me page (I take care of my mother who has Alzheimer’s disease) and the person who would write stories with titles like BLOOD WILL TELL and MAGE STORM.

Well, first, neither BLOOD WILL TELL, nor, certainly MAGE STORM is probably the story this person is imagining. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not always great at coming up with the exactly right title. Of all my titles, only DREAMER’S ROSE strikes me as being close to perfect. BLOOD WILL TELL is an urban fantasy/paranormal romance. And MAGE STORM is about a 15-year-old boy who discovers he has out-of-control magic.

But the comment got me thinking about one of the purposes of fantasy in the first place–to take you somplace else.

Any good story has the capacity to take you out of your surroundings and immerse you in the world of the story. That’s part of the draw, whether that world is a time before you were born, a place you’ve never been, or someplace that never existed at all. But that capacity can be particularly strong in speculative fiction of all kinds (fantasy, science fiction, and horror), because the writer has to create the world from the ground up. Literally anything is possible in fantasy if the writer can make it seem real. We’re writing about magic, in some sense, after all.

And some of may just need that escape more than others.

In other news, the first draft of SEVEN STARS (possibly to be retitled CURSED, unless I come up with something better) is coming along swimmingly. I wrote two chapters yesterday alone. Another week like this and I should have it finished.

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