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Building Momentum

I finished revising the first chapter of SEVEN STARS last night. I dare to hope that things will start moving a little more swiftly, now.

That first chapter hopefully got me back into the characters and voice of this story. It was also in need of some fairly heavy revision. The first couple of versions had not gotten deeply enough into the character’s head and heart. Hopefully, I’ve fixed that, now.

So, I will be moving on to Chapter 2 today. Also in need of some revision, but not quite as much. This is where I’ll start incorporating some of the new ideas that have been generated by discussion with the early readers. That’s the part I’m really excited about, so that should help get me moving, too.

There are changes to certain objects that didn’t have as much purpose in the completed story as originally envisioned. They’re going to get some new functionality which should up the early conflict considerably.

There are changes to tie the magic system into a more integrated whole.

Trickier will be the changes to some side characters. Well, not so much changes to the way I’ve always envisioned them. More improved showing of why they behave as they do. It’s not always straight forward to show the motivations of side characters when they never have the point of view. Still , I think there are things I can do to make one of the two POV characters understand what’s really going on much earlier. That, too, will hopefully increase the conflict.

There is at least one side character who got pretty much dropped out of the loop completely. I think I’ve got a plan on how to bring him back in, too.

Lots to do. Now, if I can just keep my nose out of certain computer puzzles that have helped me waste a good deal of time over the last few days, I may actually make some progress.

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I polished of the current draft of my Writers of the Future entry. Now I’m trying to get into the revisions on SEVEN STARS.

I’ve got four critiques back from readers (two are still out). I’m hugely pleased that, so far, everyone seems to really like it. Whew! I’ve got some great ideas for things to add or change to make it even better. I’m really excited to be getting back into this project.

Nevertheless, at the moment I’m mostly just working on the fiddly little stuff. Adding a sentence or two of clarification here, moving something else over there. These are not the changes I’m excited to be getting to. Unfortunately, it does just take a few days for me to really get back into a novel-length project. I wish it didn’t, but so far I haven’t found a way around this.

Ah well. This too shall pass. And then it’s going to be fun!

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