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Well, it seems that I posted too soon about making it through August this year. September is not starting out at all well.

I’ll spare you the plumbing problems and the rest.

This evening, my cat Furby left us. She was only twelve. The last of a litter of kittens that were born feral behind my garage and grew up to be anything but feral. Furby is the reason I found the litter at all. I was out at the potting bench and caught movement out of the corner of my eye. It was a little gray and white kitten, out exploring her world for the first time. She ran back to her littermates when I turned, which of course led me right to them. And to an adventure in taming wild kittens. (Bring them food when their mother starts trying to wean them and they’ll follow you anywhere.)

They were not, alas, long-lived. Peso died four years ago of kidney failure. Buttons followed later the same year. He had been diagnosed with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and while on prednisone for that, developed an infection that turned into septisemia. We tried every antibiotic in the vet’s pharmacy, singly and in combination, but nothing helped. Beautiful Libby got a cancer that ate away her nose a year later. Then Inky. And now Furby. I suspect that a vaccination (one that’s no longer recommended) messed up their immune systems.

Furby was always a sweetheart and a very laid-back cat. She was never a lap cat, which, at eighteen pounds, was probably a good thing. Peso would sit on the arm of my chair and sort of ooze into my lap. Furby was not a great cuddler, but she loved attention and to be petted and fussed over. She made it her job to hold down the covers on the bed every night, so that I had to move her to get up (thus encouraging me to be lazy and stay in bed a little longer).

Easy-going most of the time, she was still the empress of all she surveyed. That was a constant source of frustration for Libby, who badly wanted to be queen. When Widget (a kitten who was abandoned at four days old) joined the family, she was the only one who would play with him, lashing her tail for him to chase. Of course, Widget pushed it too far. (He’s a stubborn little shit.) Until one day Furby in exasperation bounced his head off the kitchen floor like she was dribbling a basketball. Widget’s persistent, but he’s not dumb. He was more respectful after that.

Furby snuggled up in bed with me last night and stayed on the bed all day. She died there about 7:00 pm.

RIP Furby love. So sorry I couldn’t do more for you.


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