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Today, I think I’ll do a general update on what I’ve been working on and what I expect to work on. In chronological order, they are:


 Paranormal Romance. This is the one I’m seriously considering e-publishing. It’s just not enough like anything I’m writing now or plan to write for it to be worthwhile continuing to look for an agent for it.

Here’s the cover I’ve come up with.

MAGE STORM: Middle Grade Fantasy. I’m continuing to query this one. Just had a request for the full manuscript last week. Fingers crossed.

SEVEN STARS: Young Adult Fantasy. This one has been resting so I can look at it with fresh eyes. It’s just about time to take it out again to do what I hope will be the final polishing edit. I’m going to start work on the query and the synopsis just as soon as I finish up this revision of MAGIC’S FOOL.

MAGIC’S FOOL: Middle Grade Fantasy. I’m on the last chapter of the fourth draft. Typically, it’s turning out to be one of the hardest. Here I thought I was going to skate to the end. Ha!

This one goes out to readers next month. Then, I’m sure, there’ll be more revisions.

BLOOD IS THICKER: Paranormal Romance. This is the sequel to BLOOD WILL TELL. It’s still in first draft, with some revision notes from alpha readers. I don’t usually put my first drafts up for critique, but somehow both BLOOD WILL TELL and BLOOD IS THICKER ended up that way. I’m reasonably happy with about two-thirds of it, but I hate the last third or so. Well, that’s what first drafts are for.

THE BARD’S GIFT: Young Adult Alternate History. I’ve kind of fallen behind in the research for this one. I need to get back on it.

However, it’s anybody’s guess whether the next thing I write will be THE BARD’S GIFT or MAGIC’S APPRENTICE (the sequel to MAGIC’S FOOL). I’m kind of into those characters right now. Still, it would be smarter to write something different at least until I have an idea how MAGIC’S FOOL will go. Of course, there’s also that retelling of “Little Furball” I’ve been thinking about.

Oh, and somewhere in there I’ve got to get back to writing a few short stories. I have half a dozen ideas stacked up, now. And I really do need to follow up that Honorabe Mention from Writers of the Future. I just have to find the tme.

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So, as I said last time, part of my revision to MAGIC’S FOOL has been to bring another character on stage earlier. In writing the couple of scenes or expansions of scenes that really show her character, I’ve remembered how much I really love this character. There’s a reason I wrote a whole novelette (“Becoming Lioness”) from her point of view. I might actually start to worry that this character is going to try to take over the series in later sequels.

I remembered so well that I went ahead and submitted that novelette to another market. I’d been holding back on it while I worked out how the middle grade series was going to go.

I actually have considered the possibility that, as this series advances, it may move from middle grade to young adult. In that case, Kiara’s somewhat backwards (Kiara goes at most everything in an unconventional way.) little love story would work very well as a foil for the larger story. Of course, that’s assuming Kiara doesn’t just take over that book and make it her own. She’s been known to be stubborn and venturesome.

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