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And it’s a small one. Still, you’ve got to start somewhere. So, where I chose to start was by putting the first chapter of BLOOD WILL TELL up on Wattpad. Go check it out. It’s free. The current plan is to put up a chapter once or twice a week (there are 34 chapters) and then move on to BLOOD IS THICKER. It’s a start. I need to do a whole lot more.

In other news, I’ve sent out the first six queries for THE BARD’S GIFT. Fingers crossed, please. And, by this time next week, hopefully I’ll be in the Luck of the Irish Pitch Fest with this story, too. It’ll be a random drawing so, again, fingers crossed. I’ve got the pitch about as polished as I can get it in 200 words.

And I’m working on something new! “Magic and Power” will probably be a novella, at least on the first draft. (Early signs say it’ll come out around 40,000 words.) But I might decide to expand it into a full novel later. We’ll see.

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ebook week

I’m participating in Read an E-Book Week this week over on Smashwords. Two of my e-books are half-price this week:

Blood Will Tell

Blood Will Tell Cover

And “The Music Box”


Are half-off this week, so go check them out.

Otherwise, things that I’ve learned I need to work on, coming mostly out of IndieReCon, are:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • I’m going to be looking into setting up my own mailing list of people who volunteer to learn about upcoming publications. There are a couple of details I need to take care of before I can proceed with this.
  • Audio books. I need to stop pretending I’m going to be able to record them myself. I don’t have the equipment, time, or a trained voice that will stand up to the strain. I might still manage one of the short stories. Otherwise, I need to start exploring some of the other options available.
  • I’m also going to explore serializing over on Wattpad to introduce more readers to my writing. What I still have to decide here is whether to start with BLOOD IS THICKER or go back and start with BLOOD WILL TELL. (BLOOD IS THICKER is the sequel to BLOOD WILL TELL.)

So, look forward to more posts as I explore these areas.

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