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It’s Wednesday. Time for What’s Up Wednesday, a blog hop created by Jaime and Erin Funk to help writers connect.


I haven’t started a new fiction book since I finished SORCERY AND CECELIA. I’ve been busy and I did read LET’S GET DIGITAL. I have several things on my kindle to choose from, but for some reason I’m getting a yen to reread THE HOBBIT. That tends to be a gateway to rereading the whole LotR. I might just do it anyway.


Still working on the rewrite of THE IGNORED PROPHECY, sequel to THE SHAMAN’S CURSE. I am reaching the home stretch, though. It’s at 96,000 words. That’s okay. I’m quite sure that I’ll end up cutting quite a bit from the beginning in later drafts.


Still mainly working to my own deadline. I’d really like to finish up this draft of TIP this month. Let it rest. Go through it again. And get it out to beta readers.

What I really need to get inspired on is how to do promotions. That’s where I’m weakest and why I’ve been spending my reading time on things like LET’S GET DIGITAL and LET’S GET VISIBLE. I need all the ideas I can get.


I’ve been busy.

THE SHAMAN’S CURSE launched on Monday.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I’m still working on figuring out all the things I need to do to get the word out. With every book I get a little better at it. (Hopefully!)

I also started querying DAUGHTER OF THE DISGRACED KING — and got a partial request on one of the first three queries. So that made my day.

And I’m still dealing with trying to bring some kind of order around here and sort out things for the estate sale. I got into the garage yesterday. Big mistake.

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I’ve done it. I just clicked the publish button on Amazon for THE SHAMAN’S CURSE.


Vatar risked his life to try to save his friend–and failed. Now he has an implacable enemy in the vengeful shaman, who blames Vatar for the death of his only son. In his isolation, Vatar finds some comfort in daydreams. He knows the strange girl he sometimes imagines is just that–a dream. She’d better be.

Because, if she’s real things could get even worse for Vatar. The accepted magic of Vatar’s plains tribe wouldn’t enable him to see or communicate with a girl he doesn’t even know–or know where to find. That would be more like the magic passed down in certain, closely-guarded bloodlines among the ruling class of the coastal cities. And that’s bad. Very bad.

Unlike their own, Vatar’s people think the city magic is evil. If the shaman ever found out, it could be the weapon he needs to destroy Vatar. And yet, finding a way to accept the other side of his heritage may be the only way Vatar can ultimately defeat his enemy.

The two kinds of magic have always been totally separate. Until now.

It will take about 12 hours, give or take, to actually show up on Amazon–longer for Amazon’s foreign markets. It’s already set up to go live tomorrow just about everywhere else.

There’ll be plenty to do over the next few days. Links (once it’s available) to be inserted in various places, including on this blog. Trying some new ways to hopefully get the word out. But this book baby is about to be out in the world.

It’s only $0.99 for the month of July. Then the price will go up.

Meanwhile, back to work on the sequel.

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It’s Wednesday. Time for What’s Up Wednesday, a blog hop created by Jaime and Erin Funk to help writers connect.

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What I’m Reading:

I just finished Sorcery and Cecelia by Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer. Loved it. I haven’t really settled on what’s going to be next.

What I’m Writing:

Still working on the rewrite of THE IGNORED PROPHECY. It’s the sequel to THE SHAMAN’S CURSE, which launches next Monday. Eep!


I’ve been a little hung up on a kissing scene. I had to remind myself that this one is light epic fantasy/sword and sorcery. This scene doesn’t need the same emphasis I’d give it in say a YA book.

I also just started the querying process on DAUGHTER OF THE DISGRACED KING, a YA fantasy romance.

What Inspires Me:

Right now, the deadline I’ve set for myself. I want to have THE IGNORED PROPHECY ready to publish in December.

What Else I’ve Been Up To:

Most of what I got done yesterday was wrangling the two dogs down to the vet for their annual exams. Poor Aliza (13 1/2 years old) had to have her ears washed out. Who knew wax build up was a problem for older dogs?

Micah and AlizaAliza is the red-head. Micah’s the one using her for a pillow. He’s only 10 1/2.

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