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I’m now on the very last chapter (for this round of revisions). That doesn’t mean it’s done. There’s still some work I need to do on it. At least two more passes, actually. More extensive revisions (but only in some parts) and a polishing edit. However, it does mean that I’m confident enough to plan dates.

So. I expect to put THE VOICE OF PROPHECY

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????up for pre-order on November 17. The pre-order price will be $0.99. With a release date of December 15 (when the price will go up).

Now, I have to polish up the blurb:

When the two kinds of magic combine, unexpected things happen.

Vatar overcame his people’s superstitions to accept his own magic. That doesn’t mean he’s prepared to tell them about it. He’d rather keep that secret forever. Especially when unprecedented things start to happen that even the experts in magic can’t explain.

Even more when a mysterious voice only he can hear starts volunteering information Vatar can’t possible know.

After enduring an Ordeal to prove he wasn’t possessed by an Evil Spirit, Vatar now thinks he may be after all. Or losing his mind. Or cursed. It’s enough to make him want to give up on magic altogether.

But he’s going to need all his wits—and all the magic he can muster—to defeat those who want to use him and his magic for their own ends.

I also need to start planning for both launches–pre-order and release. Oh, and finish those revisions by at least December 5.

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Other things first:

I’m two-thirds of the way through this round of revisions on THE VOICE OF PROPHECY.


And I’m starting to form plans for the launch. Actually, there’ll sort of be two launches–one for the pre-order and one for when it goes live. The pre-order price is going to be a good deal (probably $0.99 pre-order only). And I’ll likely plan a few other things around those same times, so stay tuned.


There’s quite a lot of backstory that’s never explicitly addressed in the DUAL MAGICS series, because it’s not needed there. But I know it. And it has the potential for a good story–or three (maybe four). So, there’s a pretty good chance that there might be a prequel series at some point when this series is complete that will explain things like:

  1. Why are the Valson and the Fasallon so similar when they live on opposite sides of this world?
  2. How did the Fasallon come to be the ruling class all along the coast (and up a couple of rivers)?
  3. Why do the Dardani have such a strong distrust of magic?
  4. Why do the Modgud, who are in all other ways like the Dardani (and for a reason), live in isolation on their plateau, barely interacting even with the Dardani?

In other words, what happened in the history of this world to cause all these things? Hint, it all started with one decision.

I don’t know at this point whether the prequels would be novels or shorter–novellas maybe. I’m not going to do anything more about them until this series is complete. But the possibility is out there.

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