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I’ve now reached a point in BEYOND THE PROPHECY where my characters are moving in different directions and I have to keep the story moving in three (maybe four) different places.

There was some of this in THE SHAMAN’S CURSE, basically before the characters came together in the first place.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????But, once I got them together they basically stayed that way in THE VOICE OF PROPHECY.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Now, about half-way through BEYOND THE PROPHECY, they’re splitting up again. Not as in breaking up the team–or the couples. Just, events require them to be in different places, whether they like it or not (most of them don’t). Things are beginning to heat up toward the big confrontation in book 4 and they just can’t cover all the bases if they stay together.

I admit, it’s more complicated balancing the story between characters this way and not letting the pace get bogged down. Things are going to be a lot more exciting in one area than the others, but what happens elsewhere matters to the whole plot, too. I have to try to balance that so readers aren’t tempted to just skip over chapters to get back to the action. (I know I’ve felt that way in some books.)

Still, there are parts of the upcoming plot I’m excited to get to. There’s going to be some fun stuff ahead.

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