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While I continue to grind out the first draft of WAR OF MAGIC (and some days it really does feel like grinding), I’m also starting to look ahead to what projects I’ll be taking up after I complete the DUAL MAGICS series.


One project, which is already started, is currently titled BECOME, based (very) loosely on the Greek legend of Hercules, but turned on its head. This story has changed immensely from its first (very bad) incarnation. (It started with the name DREAMER’S ROSE and was mostly about another character, whose story was based on the fairy tale “Toads and Diamonds”.) I’m excited about the new version. This one will likely be either a duology or a trilogy.

The other will begin with a rewrite of another story of mine, MAGE STORM. The first version skewed too young. Middle grade, actually. I’m going to rewrite it more for a general audience. There’s plenty of material there. And I’ve always had ideas for at least three sequels, building off of events in the earlier books.

That’s the plan. Of course, I have several other stories fermenting. It’s always possible one of them will ambush me and insist on being moved up in the list. It’s happened before.

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