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Sometimes writing goes fast, like all you have to do is let it flow out. Sometimes it’s slower than that.

This chapter is a pivotal point in the relationship of the two brothers so . . . I need to make it right. Of course, it doesn’t have to be perfect–yet. This is still the first draft. But sometimes, especially on the pivotal chapters, I have trouble reminding myself of that. And, the revisions really are much easier if at least the right bones are in place to begin with.

Between some new ideas, which I think will make the chapter much better, and some annoying real life distractions, this chapter is taking its time making it onto the page.  Sometimes, I just have to go with that.

Become 5

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Hard at work on BECOME.

Become 5

Right now, I’m rewriting a chapter. Since I’d originally started trying to tell this story chronologically, the chapter was written from the point of view of the main character. But now that I’m allowing the story to be nonlinear, it really needs to be told from the brother’s POV.

This means that I need to write a completely new scene (or more) as well as rewrite the main scene from a different perspective entirely. Some of that is going to be a bit challenging to write. Because the main character is about to do something that makes sense to him, but which his brother thinks is totally insane. (And . . . he could be right, at least a little.)

This should be fun.

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