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Second Read-Through

So, I’m well on my way through the second read-through of BECOME: TO RIDE THE STORM.


Catching a few things. Some changes are almost more like a polishing edit, which is premature. But I did catch a small consistency error that I’d missed on the first pass. I wonder how many more my critique partners will find when I pass this off to them. Small errors can be amazingly hard to find in your own work.

Still think this may be the best story I’ve written yet. Of course, authors always think that about their current work, but this time I think it’s true.

I’m even considering the possibility that that’s what was causing my trouble getting into MAGE STORM–a feeling that it wasn’t up to the same level. Well, I wrote the original several years ago. In some ways, I wouldn’t expect it to be.

I may just have to use that previous version as a very long outline and just completely rewrite the story. Ultimately, if I think it’s not as good as BECOME: TO RIDE THE STORM, well, it’s up to me to make it as good–or better.

Challenge accepted.

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Woo Hoo!

I just finished the revisions on BECOME: TO RIDE THE STORM!


Well, not completely finished. I still need to do another read-through to make sure I didn’t mess anything up with cut and paste, etc. Probably best if I wait a few days to start that, though. And then it’ll be ready to go to my critique partners–always assuming I don’t find anything else in that read-through, of course.

There was one minor plot thing that I decided to change at the end of the story and a few places where I needed to get deeper into the characters’ emotions. One revision of an unnecessarily complex sentence into two. And a couple of additions that just mirrored something earlier in the story.

But the revision I saved for last was neither of those. In his first POV chapter (Chapter 3), I had deliberately left one of the characters  from the first book anonymous in his first POV chapter. Deliberately because he’s been “lost” so long he doesn’t even remember who he was. In the next chapter in which he appears (Chapter 7), he’s asked who he is and dredges up a name that’s almost–but not quite–right. Then the question emerged: which name should be used in narration until he finally recovers his right name? Especially in his POV chapters. There was a difference of opinion among my critique partners and I had to decide how I wanted to handle it. In his POV chapters keep using the wrong name, or use the right one?

Using the wrong name in his POV chapters felt like highlighting his confusion, but also like it might be overly confusing for readers who might have picked up Book 2 first or just not remember Book 1 all that clearly.

Then I took a look at the chapters. Well, the first time this character gets called by his right name to his face is Chapter 17–and he’s very confused by it. And the first time he actually accepts that that is his real name is Chapter 31. That skates way too close to withholding for my tastes. Withholding is one of my big pet peeves that makes me (as a reader) feel that the author isn’t being honest with me. And that ruins the willing suspension of disbelief. And so, now he’s called, in narration at least, by his right name right from Chapter 3.

I think that’s much better.


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