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MAGE STORM is the first novel I’ve attempted from a single point of view.  I’ve written short stories from a single point of view, of course, but never a novel.  It’s an interesting exercise.

There are so many places where I’m dying to let what another character feels or thinks into the narrative, and I can’t.  It’s strictly from the main character’s point of view.  If he doesn’t know it, I can’t write it. 

I’ve been kind of moving in this direction gradually.  THE SHAMAN’S CURSE had several point of view characters, not all of them actually important to the story.  Of course, I did need to let the reader know certain things that the main character couldn’t know about.  Then again, I wonder now how much of that I really needed and how much the reader could gather from events.  It couldn’t be told from a single point of view, but it could be reduced, I think.

THE IGNORED PROPHECY has fewer viewpoint characters and all of them are important in some way.  Again, some of them are needed or the subplots simply will not work.

BLOOD WILL TELL has six viewpoint characters, but probably three-quarters of the book is told from the viewpoint of either the main character or a second very important character.

DREAMER’S ROSE is probably eighty percent from the viewpoint of either Rose or Lerian. 

This is the first time I’ve ever attempted to tell a story this long from a single point of view, however.  It’s occasionally frustrating, but hopefully it also leads to a deeper connection with the main character.

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