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WAR OF MAGIC is ready to go out to beta readers.


And now I’m trying to get back into the rewrite of MAGE STORM. I also have to come up with cover art for that very soon. I have an idea of what I want to do for the cover(s). (This will be the first in probably another four-book series.) But I’m having the usual amount of trouble finding background and foreground images.

Working on the cover may be a way to transition into the new story.

Let the cover demos commence.

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Second or third pass, depending on how you count. At any rate, I’ve reached the point where continuing to fuss with the WAR OF MAGIC manuscript right now is more likely to do harm than good. Sometimes it’s important to know when to quit–at least for a while.

It’s time for it to go out to my beta readers next week.


And time for me to get back to work on the rewrite of MAGE STORM.

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Celebration. The process of making an audio book of THE SHAMAN’S CURSE has officially begun.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????New world for me, but I’m really excited about this.


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I finished the first pass of revisions on War of Magic.


I moved a chapter and added/revised a little around it to tie it in better to the rest of the story.

Now, for the second pass, I’m trying to address all those annoying little notes I left myself in the first draft. And there is at least one place where I’ll need to write a new scene or two. Something I skipped over in the first draft.

Aiming to have this out to my beta readers at the beginning of June.

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For me, the first revision pass is mostly about trying to read through the manuscript as much like a reader as possible.


To read in a matter of a couple of weeks what took me months to write. Of course, it’s never quite like a reader would, because:

  1. I already know how the story ends
  2. I am making at least some revisions as I go through, so it’s a lot slower than a reader would go through it.

Still, I am trying to go through it as quickly as I reasonably can, to get a feel for the pacing and find any little inconsistencies that crept in over the time it took to write the first draft.

In the case of WAR OF MAGIC, I’ve also been slowed down by trying to fill in some of the gaps I left in the first draft. Places, mainly, where I knew I needed something, but I just didn’t have a clear enough picture of it in my head. And didn’t want to halt progress on a first draft that had already taken longer than I expected to figure it out.

I’m roughly three-quarters through that first pass. I’ll still have some of the notes I left myself in the first draft–and a few I’ve made in the first round of revisions–to go back and deal with before it’s ready for my beta readers.

Still trying to aim for a September release, though it may be late September.

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September 25, 2000 – May 10, 2016

My first view of Aliza

This is the first picture I have of Aliza, before she came to me at 15 months old–and stole my heart from the very first day.

Aliza was a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Yes, her legs were supposed to be that short. Cardis were originally bred to herd cattle (short legs helped them duck kicks from the cows) and be general farm dogs, able to herd the cattle, guard the farmstead, take care of rodents, and play with the children.

Aliza was all heart–the heart of a lion–from the very beginning. And willing to try anything I asked of her.

For fun, we did a herding instinct test.

Herding 9

She passed.

But what we both enjoyed–and what helped keep me sane during the years I was caregiver for my mother–was agility.

Jumping II

That NJP after her registered name is an agility title–Novice Jumpers Preferred. The CGC stands for Canine Good Citizenship.

She got along with just about every dog or cat she ever met.

Aliza and Widget Napping

She helped raise an abandoned kitten.

She was over the moon when I brought home a cardi boy.

Micah and Aliza

She was not well over the weekend. Very not well on Sunday, refusing to eat. Monday, the vet diagnosed kidney failure. Tuesday I let her go on ahead, though it broke my heart. She was fifteen and a half, and a little bit more.

I will be turning around, looking for her in all her usual places for a long time.

Fly and be free, Miss Ears, my Bear, my best girl. I miss you.

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So, last week’s promotion was the first time I’d tried a free promotion. Here are the results:


????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I gave away 914 copies, including books in two markets I’d never “sold” to before–Italy and Japan. Now, if only a quarter of those continue on to buy THE VOICE OF PROPHECY, BEYOND THE PROPHECY, and (eventually) WAR OF MAGIC, that will have been well worth it. Especially if they go on to leave reviews.

I’ll have a better idea how well this worked by the middle of next month, when the royalty report for May comes out. Of course, that won’t be complete. I’ve certainly downloaded a free book–or two–and not gotten around to reading it immediately.

BY SWORD, TALE, OR MAGIC didn’t fare quite as well, even at three books for $0.99.

By Sword Boxed Set

Only 15 sales. Still, hopefully those are new readers of my work. Hopefully they’ll go on to read some of my other books. Or at least leave a review. BSToM doesn’t have any reviews, yet. (Which may be part of the reason it didn’t sell better.)

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And also the Flinch-Free Fiction sale by Clean Indie Reads.

THE SHAMAN’S CURSE is free during this sale.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????And BY SWORD, TALE, AND MAGIC is only $0.99.

By Sword Boxed SetIn other news, I’ve finished that new chapter for MAGE STORM and I’m turning back to the revisions on WAR OF MAGIC.


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Two of my books will be part of the Clean Indie Reads sale starting on May 4th. (May the Flinch-Free Fiction be With You!) You really should check out the sale.

Meantime, BY SWORD, TALE, OR MAGIC is already on sale for $0.99.

By Sword Boxed SetThat’s three young adult fantasy novels for less than a dollar: FIRE AND EARTH, THE BARD’S GIFT, and DAUGHTER OF THE DISGRACED KING.

And THE SHAMAN’S CURSE will be free for five days starting tomorrow.


Free can make sense for the first book in a series.

So, if you’ve never read anything of mine, now’s the time.

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