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Character Voice

Moving forward–slowly–on Become: To Ride the Storm.


Building momentum on coming back to this story is part of why it’s slow. Most of it is getting back into character voice.

Now, I write most comfortably in close limited third person, not first person. Still, that means that I spend a fair amount of time inside each character’s thoughts. And different characters shouldn’t all think alike–or in the same words. Some of that is driven by their personalities, some of it by their experiences and training, some by what it is they (think) they want at that moment.

It almost always slows me down a little when I switch POV characters–which I do a lot in this book. And, perhaps, even a little slower this time because I haven’t been writing these characters for a month or so. This time, finding my way back into Rose’s head was slower than usual.

Of course, part of that might be because Rose is a naïve sixteen-year-old and the chapter before was from the POV of a fifty-ish king.

Getting started is always the hardest part and I’m past that, so things should move better, now. Hopefully.

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I’ve now finished the read-through of what I’d already written on BECOME: TO RIDE THE STORM, including minor editing and revisions to two scenes that needed it.


So, now it’s forward to finish this first draft.

When I stopped to get BECOME: TO CATCH THE LIGHTNING ready for publication,


I’d left it with the next three chapters pretty well defined, so it shouldn’t be hard to build the momentum back up. The next chapter goes back to one of the principle characters of the previous book who doesn’t get many POV chapters in the sequel. (This may be the only one.)

I’m excited to finish this story. The most challenging I’ve written so far, but . . . well, I may be biased, but I think it’s going to be one of the best, too.

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Still Reading

I’m still reading through what I have already written on BECOME: TO RIDE THE STORM and doing a little light editing as I go.


Refamiliarizing myself with the new characters and exactly where I left them.

Since I’d gotten to about the midpoint, I expect that to take a few more days. Then I’ll be ready to take this first draft to it’s–and the series’–conclusion.

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I’ve started back to work on the sequel to BECOME: TO CATCH THE LIGHTNING,




Switching gears, even to a sequel always takes a few days–even without life interrupting. And plumbing issues–one of the joys of an old house–have definitely interrupted.

However, one of the first things I’ve done is to review the comments on the first five chapters by an alpha reader. And, based on that, I’ve decided to add a new first chapter, from the perspective of one of the primary characters from the BECOME: TO CATCH THE LIGHTNING, just to give readers a quick grounding in WHERE and especially WHEN this story takes place.

I’ve decided this because otherwise the story starts with an entirely new character who wasn’t even referenced in the first book. And also because the sequel takes place about eighteen years after the first book. Hopefully, this will ease readers in a little more gently, even if it appears to be a somewhat slow beginning. It’ll be a very short chapter, at least. So that’s what I’m doing now.

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I’ve finished the polishing edit of BECOME: TO CATCH THE LIGHTNING.


And not provisionally.

I’ve also got it uploaded to Draft2Digital as well as Amazon. The only changes I might make to either of those would be minor cosmetic ones.

What’s provisional is CreateSpace, which is where I publish the paperback version. They didn’t like the cover because some of the text was a little too close to the edge. Not entirely surprising. I’ve had that issue before. So, I redid the cover and uploaded it. Now I just have to wait for them to tell me that it passes their tests this time and order the proof.

Meanwhile, it’s time to get back to the first draft of the sequel, BECOME: TO RIDE THE STORM.


Starting with reading through what I’ve already written.

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I’m a little behind on my self-imposed schedule to complete the polishing edit on BECOME: TO CATCH THE LIGHTNING.


Well, I always knew that was a stretch goal, so no great surprise there. I still hope to finish it today.

Then on to formatting for the final Amazon version and the one for Draft2Digital, including doing a bit more work on the D2D author page, so I can include a link to that in the back matter. As time permits, I’ll upgrade the back matter in my other works distributed through D2D, too.

I’ll be working on the blurb some more, too. At least I’ve come up with a tag line:

He could become a god. He could just burn to death. Maybe he’ll wait on that.

Then the print book, not that I’ve ever sold that many print copies.

And back to work on BECOME: TO RIDE THE STORM. I’m getting a little itchy to get back to that one.

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I’m well into the polishing edit on BECOME: TO CATCH THE LIGHTNING now.


Although I did have the interesting experience of finding a place–after several revision passes and two beta readers–where I had a character who doesn’t wear shoes take of his boots. Well, this is why we do one last pass, I guess.

I’m hoping to finish by this weekend, though I’m a little behind right now to reach that goal.

Then I can:

  1. Upload the final version to Amazon.
  2. Upload to Draft2Digital for distribution to other retailers.
  3. Format the print version.
  4. And, finally, get back to work on BECOME: TO RIDE THE STORM.


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