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At last, I feel like I’m getting somewhere.  Prioritizing–and publicly commiting to those priorities–helped.

I’m caught up on my chapter revisions for THE IGNORED PROPHECY.  I finished reworking the synopsis for BLOOD WILL TELL.  That needs another read-through before I start sending out more queries tomorrow.  And I’m making good progress on the new initial chapters for DREAMER’S ROSE.  The chapters aren’t perfect, but since this part is a first draft, they don’t have to be.  I really like where this new material is going to take the story in the long run.  I did a little work on “The Wrong Lion”, too.  I’ve even had a couple of good ideas for SEVEN STARS, which I jotted down and then closed the file again.

It feels very good to be writing new material, not just revisions, again.  But it feels even better to feel like I’m actually accomplishing something.

Lesson (hopefully) learned:  Don’t try to do too many things all at once.  Knowing me, I’ll get myself into this predicament again.  Maybe I’ll be able to get out of it a little faster, though.

More substatntive posts next week, I promise.

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