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Not my writing. BECOME: TO RIDE THE STORM is going pretty well. I’m going to need to start working on a cover image to use here, in fact.

It’s those nasty little administrative tasks that go along with being an author. In this case, I’m trying to set up a mailing-list newsletter. It’s something I’ve really needed to do for a while, especially since I now have an audiobook version of THE SHAMAN’S CURSE.

TSC Audio

Here’s a sample:

And it’s driving me nuts. Every step–and there are far more of them than I anticipated, seems to be needlessly complex.

It’s taking away from my writing time, but it has to be done–somehow.

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I’ve been trying to figure out how to share a sample from the audiobook of The Shaman’s Curse.

TSC Audio

Of course, you can listen to the sample right there on Amazon, but I wanted to share it more broadly.

Unfortunately, WordPress won’t let me share the audio, here. (Well, they would, if I was willing to pay for the privilege.) And Facebook doesn’t let you share audio, even though you can share video–which makes little sense to me. But anyway. Then today I was watching a podcast from ACX University where it was suggested to make a video by just using the audiobook cover and the sample.

Well, that diverted me into getting the software (free) to do that and create said video. Of course, I still can’t upload that here. But I can upload the video to Facebook–it just takes a really long time, for some reason.

I’ve been waiting for Facebook to finish, which is in part why this post is so late. But it’s still thinking. Eventually, you may be able to listen to the video on my Facebook author page. I hope.

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