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When one creative outlet isn’t working for me, sometimes it’s helpful to play in a different sandbox for a while. It keeps the creative juices flowing–or gets them flowing again.

That’s why BECOME: BROTHERS now has a new cover, which will match the other covers in the series much better than the old one.

Male hand breaking with fist concrete wall. Mixed media

And why I’m currently working on bundling the series into a boxed set, complete with cover.


I’m still working on the 3D boxed set version of this cover.

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I’m still working on that new chapter for the prequel to BECOME.


Partly, that’s because I’m still working on overcoming those bad habits regarding my writing time I blogged about last time. And last week turned out to be a very bad time to try to work on that due to several real life show stoppers.

Partly it’s because I backed up a little bit to fix the current scene. I realized that I’d set up my protagonist to be just a little too pure of heart to be truly believable. Now, I still need him to do the thing I was setting up. I just needed to provide a better motivation.

Now, instead of being just a little too good to be true, I’ve set him up instead to internalize a lesson from an earlier episode. This works much better.

Motivation has been the bugaboo through this whole part of the story. The first version set up the brother to be too nasty–a bully. Which is not what I want. The second version set up the protagonist to be a saint. Again, not what I need, here. This version will work better. But it’s probably not the last time I’m going to need to do a little work on the motivations of these two before I get to the final version of “BECOME: Brothers” (working title).

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I’ve never really done a proper cover reveal. Not the kind of cover reveal that’s meant to start raising awareness and interest for the forthcoming story.

Partly, that’s because the cover has often been one of the last things I did in preparation for epublishing. That’s something I’ll have to change. Probably for my next book (THE SHAMAN’S CURSE).

I’m not going to do that kind of big cover reveal with all the associated fanfare today, either, for a couple of reasons. Mainly, this cover is for a short story, “Wyreth’s Flame”, which is intended to be free. (We’ll see how easy or hard Amazon makes that when I get there.)

The point of publishing this short story (which was where the inspiration for THE BARD’S GIFT came from) is to provide a free entry point. The ebook will contain the story and a fair-sized excerpt from TBG and hopefully be a cost-free, resistance-free way to get readers interested in the bigger story.

So, without further ado, here’s the cover as of now. There’ll likely be a few tweaks before I’m done, but it should look pretty much like this:

Red Wyreth Cover Small

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