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So, I did take the time to go work up the cover art for MAGE STORM. Here it is:

Mage Storm.jpg

I made a conscious choice to stay away from lightning this time, since the covers of the DUAL MAGICS series feature lightning, smoke, and fire:


And the BECOME series also feature lightning:


The plan with the UNBALANCED MAGIC series (subject to change), starting with MAGE STORM, is that I’ll use that same stylized dragon image against a different background–suitable to each individual story. There are dragons in the story–little dragons, big dragons, water dragons. And since this is a rewrite, I can easily work that symbol in and make it, if not important, at least recognizable. I think that will work to brand the series as belonging together.

Oh, and yes, I intentionally left the series number off. While individual stories may build on what went before, they should still work as stand-alones, too. This shouldn’t be the kind of series where it matters immensely in what order the books are read.

Now, back to getting the story written.

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Well, it wasn’t a good week for writing. Things are getting back on track now. But the time wasn’t wasted. Here’s the cover for BECOME: TO RIDE THE STORM, provisionally:StormCover And here are the three covers together:


As you can see, the background for the third book turned out lighter than the other two. I’m not sure yet whether I’m going to try to correct that or go with it. I also may need to play with either the text color or placement so that all of the letters are more legible. Otherwise, I love the series branding of these covers.


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So . . . I’ve been playing with cover art again.

I started out playing with cover art for BECOME. My goal here is to have at least a first draft of BECOME by the time I publish WAR OF MAGIC. That will allow me to include an excerpt of the new series at the end of the last book in the DUAL MAGICS series. Ideally, I’d like to be far enough along to include a pre-order link.


I still may tweak the series title, but this is likely to be the cover.

Then I went back to my problem child–the cover for WAR OF MAGIC. I love the old cover image, but I just haven’t been able to get the title, etc. the way I want it. Nothing works. The latest version was okay, but it didn’t really match the other books in the series–and I want the covers to brand the series as belonging together. I’m going for something better than “I can live with it.” So, I bit the bullet and went with a different background image.


I may tweak that series title a little, too. But now I’m happy with it. Finally.

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