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I’m a day late posting again. This week has been . . . one of those weeks so far. But in part, you know, it’s really just more of the same.

I haven’t pinned down yet what’s really holding me back on MAGE STORM.

Mage Storm

I just know that for this one, powering through, as I’ve sometimes done before, isn’t going to be the answer.

I don’t know if it’s something about the story. That sometimes happens. Something could be wrong and I just haven’t identified it yet.

Or it could be that life in general has been kicking my . . . well, you know for the last month. Except that this block started before that. Still, recent real-life stuff would not have been helping.

Or it just might be that the creative well has not been replenished sufficiently lately and I need to do something about that. Read more widely. Watch a movie I haven’t seen before. Take a day trip or two.

Or maybe I just need to switch to another story. Maybe another sub-genre, not sword and sorcery or epic fantasy. Not Meadowsweet. That one just isn’t calling to me right now.

I’ve had an idea on the back burner for a different take on a Cinderella story in which the step-mother is not actually the villain–though Cinderella would think she was. That story might fit into the same world as DAUGHTER OF THE DISGRACED KING.


Maybe I’ll even try getting on a writer’s chat room and brainstorming that one. The interchange of ideas itself might help break the log jam. Who knows?

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