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Hmm. I’ve always thought of BECOME as either a two- or three-book series.

Become 5

However, the way the reorganization of the first draft is going, maybe not. It might still be two books, but I doubt it will be three.

This is good, in some ways. One of the things that’s always bothered me was that it looked like the first book was going to have to end on something of a cliffhanger. Not the nothing-has-been-resolved kind of cliffhanger. But definitely the kind that leaves something way too important unresolved. And that didn’t make me happy. I hate those endings as a reader, so I didn’t want to commit that crime as a writer.

Now, it looks like that won’t be necessary. After reorganizing to a non-linear story, it looks like I might hit that point much earlier.

Probably two books, come to think of it. That’d work well with the significant interruption in the timeline. Yeah, I think I’ll plan for that.

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