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Some people seem to have a gift for titles. I’m not one of them. I struggle to find appropriate titles.

In the DUAL MAGICS series so far:

THE SHAMAN’S CURSE fits that story well. The shaman tries to curse Vatar, but equally, the shaman’s obsession with vengeance curses him.


THE VOICE OF PROPHECY was originally THE IGNORED PROPHECY. Both fit the story pretty well. The new title hopefully does a better job of telling the reader what kind of story they’re going to get.


BEYOND THE PROPHECY is just so-so. The characters at least feel that the prophecy is now behind them (when, really, they’ve just survived the triggering event.) I suppose I have time for inspiration to strike. It wouldn’t be too hard to change the cover.


The last book in the series is right now known by the highly original title of . . . Book 4. Ideas I’ve had so far:

  1. The Price of Magic
  2. Magic’s Price
  3. Magic’s Warrior
  4. Warrior of Magic
  5. Paladin (or Champion) of Magic
  6. War of Magic
  7. War Magic
  8. Magic Paladin

None of them are so far striking me as anything close to perfect. I’d like to have at least a best guess by the time I publish BEYOND THE PROPHECY in (hopefully) September so I can use it for the teaser excerpt. We’ll see.

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Title Time

Wow. Throw in  a Monday holiday and my days get all messed up. Almost forgot to blog!

It’s time for me to seriously start thinking about titles again. I’m just not very good at titles. But I’ve got to come up with a couple.

SEVEN STARS seriously needs me to find it a new title. (Now in chapter 17 and past 30,000 words.) This title sounds too much like Seven Samurai. It’s not that kind of story. Besides, with the new, much improved version of the plot, it doesn’t even fit anymore. I just haven’t been able to think of anything, yet. I’d go with CURSED, but that might make it sound like a vampire story, and it’s not that either. Well, if I can’t come up with anything better . . .

I also need to come up with a new title for BLOOD WILL TELL. It looks like I’ll be giving that a pretty thorough revision while the first draft of SEVEN STARS rests, including a new beginning, some tightening, and some work on one of the characters. If I’m going to think about trying to submit it again, it needs a new title, too. BLOOD WILL TELL was always supposed to be a working title. (So was SEVEN STARS, come to that.) But I’ve never been able to come up with anything better than WEREWOLF’S HONOR, which just stinks.

Time to rack the brain a little.

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