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. . . because it’s been that kind of few days.

First, I wrote that scene in BECOME: TO CATCH THE LIGHTNING that I’d been fretting over in my last post. becomeblueUnfortunately, I think I’ll probably end up deleting it in the revisions, but that’s for later and by then I may change my mind.

Second, I haven’t done much writing or critiquing for the last few days. It’s just been too hot here (and humid, which is unusual for this area). My brain just doesn’t function as well in that kind of weather. Let’s face it, when making the bed brings out a sweat, it’s time to stay indoors (near a fan, if possible), drink lots of water, and not move around much. So, I’ve basically wasted the last couple of days on computer games. Fortunately, it feels like the weather is shifting back closer to normal–at least for a few days.

Third, I have also been trying to work out why a particular story I just read didn’t really work for me, as writers do. (No, I’m not going to mention the title. Stories are very personal and subjective things. What didn’t work well for me might be a book you really enjoy. And why should I take that from you?)

In this case, it’s the latest book in a series I’ve really enjoyed, so the question of why I didn’t like this one as much might, possibly, shed light on some greater story-telling truth. Unfortunately, I really think it mostly comes down to two things.

The main character being out of her usual milieu–not out of her comfort zone, that happens in just about every book. But outside of her usual stomping grounds–and away from the people she usually interacts with–her general snark just can’t shine as much. There have only been three books that took her away from home and I only really enjoyed one of those–the one in which at least one of her usual friends and relations went with her.

But I think the main reason is withholding–when a point-of-view character knows something (or would have to be deaf, blind, and in a coma not to realize something), has every reason to think about and react to that knowledge, and doesn’t. Withholding is one of the two issues that can cause a knee-jerk reaction that makes me want to pitch the book against the wall (impractical in this case, anyway–I was reading on my computer). This wasn’t that bad, but I think it did pretty much ruin the book for me. It made this POV character–fortunately not the main character of the series–feel inauthentic, which he never has before.

Now that the weather is improving, maybe I can get some more real work done.


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It was inevitable, I suppose. The first part of the revision process on WAR OF MAGIC went so fast I thought maybe it was going to be easy.


But revisions are never that easy. And now the revisions are not going as smoothly or as swiftly. Now it’s plugging along.

Even so, I’m as close as makes no difference to two-thirds done with the first round. The second round won’t require a full read-through. It’s purpose will be to go back to the comments I hadn’t fully addressed the first time. Then the polishing edit and it will be ready to go.

Even if the last bit is something of an uphill slog, the end is in sight.

Also, my last few answers for the A to Z favorite fantasy characters game #FellowshipOfFun as we get down to the really difficult letters are:

  • W is for Willow. Yes, you have to use the way-back machine for that one.
  • X is for Charles Xavier, Professor X.
  • Y is the only easy one from this batch. Yoda, of course.
  • Z is the hardest. The only character I can come up with is Zorro, and that’s neither fantasy nor science fiction. But . . . I could write a fantasy story using those elements. Hmm.

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Fellowship of Fun

Not much else to report right now.

My latest choices for the A to Z Favorite Fantasy Characters for the Fellowship of Fantasy challenge are:

  • T is for Treebeard
  • U is for Undomiel (thus getting both Aragorn and Arwen in).
  • V is for Miles Vorkosigan. Yes, he’s a science fiction character. I don’t care.

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And, in yesterday’s post, I forgot to note my last four entries in the #FellowshipOfFun A to Z favorite fantasy characters. So, here they are:

  • For P I couldn’t decide between Polgara (from David Eddings Belgariad and Mallorean, as well as other books) or Penric (from Lois McMaster Bujold’s “Penric’s Demon” and “Penric and the Shaman.”)
  • Q was really hard. I ended up going with Quetza from my own Dual Magics series.
  • R was Ron Weasley, of course.
  • And S could only be Samwise Gamgee.


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