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Maps and More

I finished (at least for now) the map for the series that will start with MAGE STORM. I really need to come up with a good series title, too. Well, there’s time for that.

So, here it is:

Mage Storm

I’m not entirely thrilled with it, yet. It feels a little busy. But it’s enough to go forward with, at least. I’ve done a black-and-white version, too.

Mage Storm BW.JPG

Right now, though, I’m working my way through the transition of all of my paperback books from CreateSpace, which is closing, over to KDP Print. As soon as I finish that, I’ll be ready to start–again–on the first draft of MAGE STORM.

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I decided to start with character profiles/backstories for the principal characters in MAGE STORM. This isn’t something I usually do, but I thought it would be useful in this case since I’m trying to get a new start on a story I wrote some time ago. Also because I’ve changed the roles of a couple of characters–actually switched the competencies of the two principal allies. I needed to give them better and more extensive backstories to support their skills.

I’ve almost finished that. I need to do a very little more research into a certain personality type for my antagonist/villain. So far, I’ve got a much better feeling about those two characters in particular and–unlike the last attempt–I actually feel ready to write in their points of view.

I’ve also decided to go ahead and create a map for this series. I’ve had a really basic hand-drawn . . . thing . . . that I used as a writer’s aid for the first version. Believe me, this is even less ready for prime time than my usual hand-drawn maps. But, it’s been a while since I last worked on a map with this software, so I’m having to go back through the tutorials.

Then, when that’s done, I should be ready to start writing/re-writing this story. I still haven’t decided on the sword and sorcery vs. epic fantasy question. This story sort of lives in the grey area in between. But, that doesn’t have to stop me from writing the first book. The question will only come up in how I build–or fail to build–the greater arc in the later books.

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At least around here, you never do know what you’ll find when you look in places you haven’t looked in a while. I’ve been searching for some craft materials I know I have. I actually organized my craft supplies (most of them) last year. No joy. I finally broke down and bought some more–which probably guarantees that I’ll find the stuff I already had soon.

But in my search, I turned up some things I don’t even remember. Like this:



Digital Camera

Not the best picture, I know. (It’s hard to get a decent photo of an unfinished piece of embroidery, especially really large or long ones. This is about 30 inches long.) But if you compare that to this:

dual-magics-bw-map2You’ll see that the first is an embroidered version of a much earlier rendering of the map for the world of the Dual Magics series.

Actually, that first map is for the first “novel” I ever wrote–way back in college. (Yes, some form of this story–or, at least, this world–has been bouncing around in my head that long.) That original story, however, took place a few hundred years into the future of the Dual Magics story–and involved another group of people living farther north, as you can see. And really wouldn’t fit into the current cannon.

I don’t even remember this piece of embroidery. It’s not quite finished, either. There’s a little bit of work left on the southern mountains. Maybe I decided I didn’t like it. Or put it aside to work on something else. Possibly, it was meant as a companion for this:

Digital Camera

which depicts elements of that same story I wrote back in college.

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