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It’s been a miserable few days here–hot and humid. I generally don’t deal well with heat and I really don’t deal well with humidity combined with heat. It’s 90 degrees right now, at ten o’clock in the morning. And overcast. Which makes it really miserable.

And, since my brain doesn’t work any better than the rest of me, progress on BECOME: TO CATCH THE LIGHTNING has slowed to a crawl.


Still plugging away, but . . . yeah, I haven’t finished that chapter yet. Really hard to concentrate when I break into a sweat just sitting at my computer with two fans on me.

Fortunately, the heat is supposed to break tomorrow. Unfortunately (for my writing time) I go back to work on Thursday. So, this one is just going to take way longer than I planned.

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I planned to get a lot more writing done on the prequel to BECOME this weekend. I also planned to get a fair amount of work done outside. The yard really needs to be mowed. And I’m trying to gradually put in some xeriscape plants to replace the large . . . well, I can’t exactly call it a lawn . . . grassy/weedy area out front.


(This is a very old picture, probably 1930’s or early 1940’s, and the house has been added onto since then, but you can see that the front “lawn” is pretty good-sized. That photo isn’t even taken from the far end of it. No, I have no idea what that big hole was.)

Plus, of course, all of the usual things I normally have to get done on the weekends, like laundry.

Yeah, I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew sometimes. Usually, it just ends with me feeling like a should have accomplished more, somehow.

I’m not sure quite what I did while planting that one-gallon pyracantha. It shouldn’t have been anything I haven’t done a hundred times before. But I must have moved wrong or something. And I’ve been hurting ever since. It’s not nearly as bad today, but enough to kill any ambition to get the mower out. Well, the grass/weeds are still probably too wet from last weekend’s storms anyway. I didn’t even get the two smaller lavender plants out. They’ll hold in their pots for a week or so.

Also, unfortunately, not very conducive to the kind of concentration needed for writing.


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I was making good progress with my writing on BECOME this morning.


And then, after I finished a scene, I paused to go do the grocery shopping–and got a flat tire.

Fortunately, I have hazard insurance (they have a different name for it) on those tires, so America’s Tire Company replaced it, rotated the tires, and checked the air in all of them. And all it cost me was $17.25 for the same insurance on the new tire.

That’s a huge relief.

Well, $17.25 and the time. Which wasn’t really very long, but . . . well, you know how a change in schedule like that can sort of cascade. And then I was tired.

I’m still going to get back into that chapter. Soon.

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Starting yesterday, I have seventeen straight days off. I hope to get a lot of writing on BECOME done in that time.


Though, of course, there will be a few distractions along the way, too.

I don’t expect anything like a chapter a day. Which is good, because I’m not on that pace so far.

Today is also a sad anniversary. Fifteen years ago today was the day my first Cardigan Welsh corgi, Aliza (Tricreeks Simply Irresistible, NJP, CGC) arrived in my life.

My first view of Aliza

The first time I saw Aliza

She was fifteen months old when she came to me and four months shy of sixteen years old when I lost her last spring. Miss you, sweetest girl.


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For this week and next, my work schedule has changed. And it’s messing with my writing time. Or, at least, I’m finding it harder to whip my muse into action during the time I have available now. Maddening, just as I developed a really good idea of how the next few chapters need to go. At least I’ve made notes.

On the other hand, after next week, I’ll have two weeks off. So that should help me recover and get back to some real work on BECOME.


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Somehow, I always set myself up for this. A long weekend comes along and I start thinking about all the writing I’ll get done. Well, of course, it never works out quite like I’d planned. Especially this time of year.

Still, I’ve accomplished quite a lot. And had a nice time with family, too. So I’m going to be happy with that.  And try to remember to adjust my expectations next time. (Though don’t hold your breath on that one.)

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Not yet. But as of next week, I’ll have three writing projects in process.

The first revisions of WAR OF MAGIC,


which will be my primary project. The rewrite of MAGE STORM. And the first draft of BECOME.


That should be interesting.

Both BECOME and MAGE STORM have been significantly delayed by a whole lot of real-life administrative stuff I’ve had to deal with lately. It’s not writer’s block, but it almost might as well be. Hopefully, I can get that all out of the way before it’s time to get serious about revisions on WAR OF MAGIC.

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