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I’m a discovery writer. I don’t outline–not the whole story before I start. But I usually have something like a rolling outline for the next few chapters from where I currently am in the first draft.

Right now, I’m approaching what should be the midpoint of BECOME: TO CATCH THE LIGHTNING.


I know what that point is, but these next few chapters . . . I know broadly what needs to be there. It’s important, because this is the place to really show what my main character has to lose–right before he loses it, in a way. But I don’t even have a good feel for how many chapters this will be.

Of course, it’s still just a first draft, a rough draft. And it certainly doesn’t have to be perfect on the first go round. In fact, it would be astonishing if it was. But this does feel a little like stepping off a cliff in the dark and hoping the ground’s not too far away, or at least soft. Still, the only way is forward.

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Yesterday, I updated my running outline for WAR OF MAGIC.


I’ve been doing this, more or less, for much of the first draft–outlining just the next handful of chapters. As a discovery writer, that works much better for me than trying to outline the whole novel.

This time, that took me right to the end of the story. Seven more chapters. Of course, that may change a little, but not by too much.

The end is in sight. At least, the end of the first draft.

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