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While the first draft of BECOME: TO CATCH THE LIGHTNING rests so I can come back to do the second and third drafts with fresh(ish) eyes, becomeblueI’ve started the sequel, BECOME: TO RIDE THE STORM.

The sequel is now about 12,500 words and I’m about to start chapter 8. All of the main point-of-view characters have now been introduced. Good progress for only a week or so.

One character turned out more sympathetic than I intended, but I’m still loving that chapter, so I’ll just roll with it. He was always meant to be more victim than bad guy anyway. Another character has had two chapters, but not a real chance to show her personality, yet. That’ll come in another chapter or two.

Excited for this part of the story.

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I Did It!

Not finished the first draft. Not yet. Don’t get too excited.


But that pivotal scene I’ve been working toward that I always seemed to approach without ever getting there. I wrote it last night.

I ended up not using alternating POVs in that chapter. It was even choppier than having a couple of short, really short chapters.

And I’ve already reorganized the chapters that follow a little bit. I think I’ll likely need to make one more change to that sequence. But there are only a handful more chapters to THE END. (Seven, plus finishing the current chapter, if nothing else changes as I go.)

With any luck at all, I should be able to finish this draft before the end of December.

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